Safe Turn Indicator

From the country that invented the 'Blackbox' aircraft flight recorder comes a safety device for a more benign form of travel. An automatic turn indicator for cyclists. Riding a bicycle might be good for your health and that of the planet but at times it can be downright dangerous. One of the challenges is to stop being hit by the proverbial bus. We've mentioned flashing pedals, flashing spokes/wheels and improved dynamos before. Now with the 'Safe Turn' you just raise your hand to indicate a turn and it begins flashing -- like the indicators on a car. The internal 'tilt' switch automatically sense the arms change of position and sets off 3 blinking LEDs in an amber housing. It stays blinking while your arm is raised. The angle of lens can be adjusted to suit your riding position or style. Available in February 2005 for about $25-30 AUD. (Yeh, its from Australia.) ::Safe Turn [by WM]