Saab 9-5 BioPower

Recently announced was the expected 2005 arrival of an ethanol fuelled Saab 9-5. Apparently because ethanol is derived from renewable agricultural crops (which are carbon dioxide absorbing), this will equal out any CO2 emissions whilst driving the car. If true, this could make it greenhouse gas neutral. It seems like the engine may have been tested in Brazil, where 100% ethanol, derived from sugar cane, is predominant. In Sweden, however, it will be an 85% ethanol fuel mix. The Biopower engine is not thought to be much more costly than current models yet there will be definite in-use savings. Ethanol is 25% cheaper. Swedish owners of the car are likely to be exempt from a proposed city conjestion and parking tax, while qualifying for a 20% reduction in car benefit taxes. And better combustion will lead to improved efficiency at cruising speeds offering a 15% saving in fuel costs per km. Available in the northern summer 2005. ::Saab [by WM]