Rock Band Encourages Fans to Carpool to Their Concerts

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Rock Band Encourages Carpooling
Facebook already has an application that lets users arrange carpools, and now rock bands are getting in on the action as well. First, Live Earth encouraged concert goers to carpool to the event. Building on the idea that bands can not only promote environmental issues with their music and activism but also by reducing the impacts of their own concerts, Wilco, a rock band, has "launched a special tab on its website that lets fans register as drivers or passengers. A feature then connects would-be carpoolers to each other based on where they live and which show they are attending."

While the application is new and features are being added, it has great potential. For one, the hope is to eventually allow other groups to use the program as well. What's more, the application links "the band's fans with each other" in a way that is good for the band and good for the climate.A Great Way to Get People to Car Pool
The band's manager explained the impetus for creating the software: "The thing we were trying to look at is: What is the thing in any given show that probably has the biggest environmental impact?. . .That's the thousands of people driving in their cars from their homes to the venue." What better way to reach people than through music? And by making it fun and easy to car pool, more people are likely to do it. Finally, it doesn't hurt that instead of car pooling with strangers, at least in this case the participants all share a common interest: the music.

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