Robot-Assisted Pivo 2 Electric Car To Debut In 2011?

Pivo2 Electric Car graphic

When does a fanciful concept of an electric commuter car actually become the real deal? Possibly only when the first few or the first few hundred start rolling off the assembly line. Nissan and Renault have been making the rounds of the auto shows showing off the robot-assisted electric Pivo 2, but last week the Associated Press reported that Portugal has agreed to set up a network of electric charging stations and the Pivo 2 is going to be released there in 2011. It's a bit hard to imagine this funky, funny-looking bug-like vehicle anywhere but in a Pixar movie.

"Laminated" lithium-ion battery
The Pivo 2 is reported to have four wheel-based engines and a robot instructor communicating with the driver on the car's different functions, using voice and feature recognition to sense a driver's mood. One of Pivo's coolest features is that the rotating cabin and pivoting wheels enable sideways driving, making conventional parallel parking a thing of the past - great for cities such as Tokyo and San Francisco! Three people can fit in the bubble-shaped cabin. No word yet on range for the Pivo 2, or the estimated price. Seems like Nissan/Renault are going to have to work fast to get this out the door in 2.5 years. Via ::Associated Press

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