Robo Taxi Requires No Driver And No Tip

robotic taxi
Photo courtesy of: EcoFriend

The Robo Taxi -- which hopefully behaves nothing like RoboCop -- is a robotic taxi designed for large metropolitan cities.

Conceived by designer Kubik Petr, the vehicle holds only two passengers with a minimal amount of luggage. It's driven by two electric motors connected to the vehicle's back wheels. The car would be built from the lightest of materials and can operate for up to 20 hours.
Upon entering the cab, passengers set their destination using the taxi’s touch screen interface. I imagine they would pay the same way.

While I think it’s a fascinating concept, I'd mostly miss the Grand Theft Auto-style ride you usually get from a human-powered taxi.

robotic tax back view
Photo courtesy of: EcoFriend
robotic taxi and passengers
Photo courtesy of: EcoFriend

Source [EcoFriend]

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