Robert Llewellyn's Gearless Update: Reviewing the MiEV and Much More (Video)

gearless MiEV electric vehicle photo

Image credit: Gearless

I was quite excited the other day to learn about Robert Llewellyn's Gearless show in which he will be driving and reviewing a Mitsubishi MiEV over the course of an entire year. (Robert previously filmed a test drive of the MiEV for his carpool show.) But I wasn't entirely clear on what exactly he will be doing to fill up the entire year. In the video below, he reveals more. And boy does it look like he has a busy year ahead. Among the highlights of the year ahead are a planned journey across the UK from end-to-end by electric car, charging on nothiing but wind energy. (Robert will actually be visiting gigantic turbines and plugging directly into their charge.) The show will also take in the Automotive X Prize, it will take part in all-electric motor racing in France, and it will meet up with students who are driving an electric vehicle across the Americas. Of course all this is on top of the ongoing reviews and updates of what it's like to live with and drive an all electric vehicle like the MiEV—from the energy consumed to the performance to its ability to cope with adverse weather. If today's show is anything to go by, driving on all electric power is certainly not holding Robert back at all!

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