Robert Llewellyn reviews Tesla Model S, cusses like a sailor

Fully Charged Tesla review photo
Video screen capture Fully Charged

For a comedian, Robert Llewellyn really doesn't swear that much.

But that all changed when he got behind the wheel of the Tesla Model S (he has previously driven the Tesla Roadster). Overwhelmed by the car's speed, acceleration and roadholding, Llewellyn is reduced to yelling gleeful expletives and marveling at the idea of an emission-free luxury car.

Anyone looking for technical details about the Tesla Model S will probably want to look elsewhere. Some car reviews are all about the technical specs of the car being reviewed. Others are simply about what it's like to drive. And that's a-ok with me from a pure entertainment perspective.

One gripe though: if you're going to so flagrantly ignore speed limits while on camera, you might want to make sure that your passenger wears a seatbelt. Reviews like this will do nothing to appease those who say it's time to recall the car.

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