Road Testing the BMW Mini E Electric Car (Video)

fully charged mini e review photo

Image credit: Fully Charged

Having already explored fast electric car charging, and gotten very excited at the mere sight of the Tesla Model S, Robert Llewellyn recently relaunched his cult "Gearless" internet show as "Fully Charged" with a long and entertaining rant about the connections between oil, war, mobile phones and electric cars. Now the show is getting back into what it does best—putting electric vehicles to the test. And one of the first to get the Llewellyn treatment is the BMW Mini E. We also get to hear about BMW's plans to fully commercialize its electric vehicle experiments.
Of course Robert is not the only one to get to take this thing for a spin—TreeHugger's own Graham Hill and Matthew McDermott already tested the MIni E's performance (and cupholders!) on the rainy streets of Manhattan back in 2008. But it can't hurt to get a second opinion.

As always with Mr Llewellyn, the style is informal, friendly and entertaining. We get to take a spin with a nameless BMW representative who talks us through some of the the technical aspects, and shares a little more information about BMW's plans for a truly mass market electric car. According to the rep in the video, it is now confirmed that BMW will be producing a mass market EV—no name confirmed as yet—within the next 3 to 5 years. Watch this space. And in the meantime, watch Fully Charged.

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