RIP Hummer H2?


Gas prices are rising, and gas-guzzling cars are appearing less and less attractive. SF Gate are reporting that sales of "perhaps the most idiotic consumer vehicle ever produced in your lifetime", the Hummer H2, have fallen dramatically for the past two years, to the point where the model may be dropped, "It's heavily rumored that GM will soon kill the model entirely, which is already being supplanted by a slew of smaller, less disgusting H2 offspring like the H3."

However, it's not a trend. SUV sales are climbing, despite the huge cost of filling their tank. Perhaps the H2 didn't sell because it was ugly, not because gas became too expensive. Perhaps people wanted an SUV, but didn't want to be seen as harming the environment - Hummers are an icon of irresponsible environmental choice, even amongst other SUVs. Perhaps when gas prices rise another dollar, we'll finally see less of these over the top cars on the road. :: SF Gate

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