Riding a Better Bus


Whenever we write about public transit, we get all kinds of comments about the sort of person that rides buses, like this one from a bus driver: "No one wants to pay for public transportation, because they think only the poor use it." But like any business, if you provide good customer service you attract a customer base. In San Francisco they are trying out the connected bus, a hybrid with high speed internet, live updates with route information and wait times at the bus stops, and a "green Gauge" describing the environmental impact of the bus. Cisco set up the electronics, noting "A better ride includes having a reliable and safe ride, spending less time in traffic, being exposed to fewer carbon emissions, and having access to timely route information."

"What transit customers want the most is consistent, reliable service," said Judson True, a spokesperson for San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, which launched the one-year trial in February, to the Star "But they're also increasingly looking for amenities that enhance their trip. The Connected Bus does that." MUNI also promises better maintenance, enhanced rider experience, reduced waiting time and enhanced safety and security. ::SFist, ::The Connected Bus
via ::The Star

Would that get you back onto a bus? Tell the Survey tomorrow.

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