Ride A Puma To Work

We love all things bike, and all things Biomega. and we're pretty partial to Puma's style. So when we heard that those two had teamed up with Vexed design to produce a new folding BMX-style cycle, we were in love. This single gear beauty has an upright posture for better visibility on city streets, and big ol' cushy tires to float over the potholes...Right now, the project is one the hush-hush side, but release is set for May 2005. The bike will only be available in Puma's retail shops, and will burn a $775 sized hole in your wallet. And when you're looking to buy, make sure you get the Puma bike, not the Micargi beach lowrider named Puma; Lets just say the folding one will be easier to handle.
:: Puma Bike at Cool Hunting [by DM]



Folded for storage

The similarly named (but much more gangly) Puma Beach Lowrider