Review: Toyota Camry Hybrid


A reviewer at recently took a Toyota Camry hybrid (we previously noted its engine, saw pictures and analyzed pricing and fuel economy) for a spin, and was not impressed. After admitting that the car was in line to be the "perfect family car," with more power, better fuel economy and a comparable price after the tax credit than the conventional Camry, the real deal came up short. It was lacking in power, the handling was soft, and the shift between gas and electric engines was too noticeable; all in all, the car "isn't quite ready for prime time." The reviewer, who goes by Mkaresh on the site, has over 400 auto reviews under his belt, and a Ph.D. thesis written while spending a year-and-a-half inside a vehicle manufacturer studying how and how well it understood the consumer when developing new products, so he seems to know his stuff from a consumer angle. Will the rest of the world agree? We'll keep you posted. via ::AutoblogGreen