REVA Electric Car Arrives in Chile as Alternative to Pollution, High Petrol Prices

REVA electric car arrives to Santiago de Chile, photo.

Photo: Infobae.

The electric company Cam (a branch of Spanish Endesa) has just launched the Indian electric car REVA in Santiago de Chile. We've told you about this small car before, when back in 2005 we talked about a video blogger who was sharing his experience owning a REVA.

The car is a two-door model that works totally on electric energy, gets 80 kilometers of autonomy in one charge, reaches a maximum speed of 80 kilometers an hour, and can accommodate two adults and two minors or up to 230 kilograms of total weight. According to information published by EFE news agency, in Chile it will be sold at six million local pesos, which is about 12,000 US dollars.

More on the car and why Santiago needs to cut on emissions in the extended.

Infobae via El Blog Verde.The REVA electric car battery and developments

The REVA's battery can be plugged into any power source and is charged up to 80% in two and a half hours and up to 100% in eight hours. It has a capacity of 600 cycles of charge and discharge. It's estimated that it has to be changed every three years and costs about 1600 US dollars to change.

Both mentioned sources informed the car's manufacturers are developing a model with capacity for four adults and maximum speed of 120 kilometers an hour to be launched next year.

Santiago de Chile's contamination

The news of the launch of the REVA car in Santiago comes a few weeks after air-contamination in the capital of Chile peaked and the government had to call for emergency measures to control the pollution levels (see our coverage in the post Chile Fights Critical Air Pollution in Santiago). According to Infobae, 70% of the pollutant emissions come from vehicles in the city.

The same source also says the electric car pretends to be an alternative to the rising prices of petrol, since Chile imports 94% of the petrol it consumes and the transport sector represents a third of the energetic consume of the country.

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