REVA Announces 'Second Life' for its EV Batteries

reva electric car image

Image credit: REVA India
Reva, the Indian electric car maker marketed as the G Wiz in the UK, announced last week that it was launching two new electric cars - a four-seat, three-door hatchback family car , and a sporty two seater. Inevitably, when we write about electric cars, we get asked about embodied energy in batteries, and about the source that the electricity comes from. Reva are now taking measures to fix at least of of these issues - working on ensuring a second life for the batteries in their cars. Reva announced at the Frankfurt Motor Show that they will be working with ZEM Energy to ensure a "second life" for their batteries. Jan Olaf Willums, chairman of ZEM, claims this is a crucial step for making Electric VEhicles viable and sustainable:

"The key to making electric cars affordable is to extract value from the batteries' full life cycle. At the end of their first life in electric cars, batteries still have capacity to store energy, which can be used in other stationary electricity storage applications. We will work with REVA as part of our 'ZEM Initiative' to create and test these applications, and thereby determine a 'second life' and a residual value for the batteries."

Apparently REVA are also working with ZEM on battery leasing, electricity at public charging points, telematics and insurance. No more details available yet on either the Reva or ZEM Energy website - but we'll be watching closely.

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