Return of the 'Tin Snail', Citroen's 2CV


It’s not only Hollywood that struggles for fresh innovative ideas. The automotive industry has issues alike. The VW Beetle came back, as did the Mini. Although both new renderings were way more expensive than their forebears, and you’d have thought with 40+ years of technology having passed through the lab between their respective heydays they could’ve improved on mileage, rather than just remaining on par. Plus the New Mini had less passenger and storage space, even though it was bigger and almost twice as heavy. Hopefully Citroen will not repeat these mistakes when it brings back the classic 2CV. AutoExpress has a rumour the engine will be a emission reducing hybrid diesel one, and hints that the body panels will be of plastic. However details are sketchy, possibly because the rubber won't meet the road until about 2009. ::AutoExpress.

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