Retread Tyres Save Millions of Gallons of Oil Yearly


We’ve seen before, on one or two occasions, how properly inflated tyres can save on fuel consumption and hence CO2 emissions. So much so that the US wastes 4 million gallons through under-inflated tires. Now we learn, via the US-based Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau, that while it takes 22 gallons (83 litres) of oil to make one average size truck tire, we only need use about 7 gallons to have it retreaded. Thus a fleet replacing around 100 tires annually would save 1,500 gallons (~5,680 litres) a year. Apparently the US federal government have a mandate for the use of retreads on certain federal fleet vehicles, and other major fleets like the U.S. Postal Service, Fed Ex, UPS routinely use retreads, but the TRIB want to encourage the many who aren’t to get with the program. The TRIB, is a non-profit, member supported industry association with hundreds of members in North America (and in many countries). They also want folk to know that those so-called ‘rubber alligators’ seen on highways are more likely the result of poor tyre inflation or overloading, rather than a blown retread, which they contend is a common misconception. Much more from the ::Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau, via ::Azom.

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