Retired Texaco Oil Executive Buys a Chevy Volt

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Photo: Youtube capture
They say that age brings wisdom...
James Brazell, now 84 years old, spent 40 years working for Texaco before retiring. But Mr Brazell knows which way the wind is blowing: In 2008, he put a $1,000 deposit on a Chevy Volt plug-in hybrid, two years before the car went on sale (he really wanted to be first in line!). "About 90 percent of my driving is less than 40 miles a day, so I expect to use very little gas," he said. "But the extended range of the gas engine is there if I want to take a drive to New York to visit my grandchildren." Check out the video below!

"We know that the oil supply is a finite resource," the 84-year-old retiree said. "We also know that oil will eventually become a scarcity, we just don't know when."

"I believe electric vehicles like the Volt are an important step towards reducing our dependence on oil, while renewable sources of energy - like wind, solar, and hydrological power - will all play a role in producing clean energy for electric vehicles."

Keeping Things in Perspective
Of course, cars like the Volt are only a first step in the right direction. They aren't the solution in themselves, and while PHEVs and EVs can be better than regular cars, it's still better to walk, bike, or take transit (or even use car-sharing). But as long as there are cars on the roads - and that's going to be for the foreseeable future - they should be as efficient and clean as possible. Since the vast majority of a car's lifecycle impact (on the order of 80-90%) comes from the fuel it burns during usage, moving to electricity from clean sources can potentially make a big difference.

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