Republican US Senator John Warner Asks US Department Of Energy To Determine Most Energy Saving Highway Vehicle Speed


The truth about vehicle fuel efficiency is coming out: at last! Of course, Senator John Warner would not want to ask the US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) - the Agency which for decades has been officially charged with determining and publishing fuel efficiency estimates for vehicles - to determine the optimal highway speed for fuel savings, know...USEPA might actually promulgate a regulation. (Joking of course.)

[Senator] Warner has asked the Energy Department to determine the most energy-saving speed — and the potential fuel savings — if a new national limit is imposed.
While US Department of Energy is cogitating on this Senatorial challenge, here's the money quote on the story from McClatchy:
American Trucking Associations, which represents 3.5 million truck drivers and 37,000 trucking companies, is asking Washington to set a national limit of 65 mph. A 10-mile reduction from 75 mph, spokesman Clayton Boyce said, would lower fuel consumption by 27 percent.
Anyone want to put their money on the old double-nickel?

Keep on Truckin'.


Via::McClatchy News Service, 55-mph speed limit may have found its Washington patron. Image credit:: Blog d'Ellison, THE DREADED DOUBLE NICKEL AND, Heart of Trucking