Renew America Roadtrip: Crossing the U.S. in a Tesla Roadster for Charity

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Photo: Renew America
And to Raise Awareness about Electric Cars
The Renew American Roadtrip is trying to do two things: Show that electric cars are practical by driving a Tesla from coast to coast and raise money for charity. My first thought was that if they wanted to give money to charity, they could've bought a less expensive car and donated the difference, but someone has to be the early adopter if electric car companies are to stay in business and costs are to come down, and the media exposure might be worth more than the money they raise... Anyway, the electric roadster left New York this morning and should arrive in California around the end of the month, with many stops and press events in between (see map below).
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The Renew America Roadtrip team writes:

The Renew America Roadtrip is designed to be a significant human-interest draw and we are mobilizing a network of grass-roots volunteers to coordinate local, crowd-pleasing events all along the route. We also are coordinating staff to support the momentum of the event through viral videos, blogging, local and national press, twitter, and facebook feeds.

This is NOT about making another geeky cross-country technology trial, but is rather about a real-life road trip, with real people and a real production (available today) vehicle – the Tesla Motor’s Roadster. All enthusiasts are welcome to participate, all captured by our video team and locals, and posted to our site so others can share in the fun.

The trip will include various events designed to attract the local press, national press, and the YouTube generation to the cause. Toward this end, we are arranging for authentic green co-sponsors to contribute upscale lodging, designer fashion, and high-tech gadgets. There will be nights out, rallies, and meet-ups at local clubs and venues, and specific events will feature environmentally-conscious musicians, celebrities/activists, and politicians as speakers/debaters.

You can follow the Renew America Roadtrip on Twitter, Facebook, or Youtube.

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