Renault Unveils Logan Eco² Concept

renault logan eco2

French carmaker Renault is hoping to score big at this year's Challenge Bibendum in Shanghai, China, with its just introduced Logan eco² Concept. With an estimated carbon dioxide emissions rating of 97 g/km (equivalent to about 3.8 liters/100 km), the experimental car is powered by a B30-compatible 1.5 dCi diesel engine and features a host of other optimizations - including modified pistons, a more effective injection system and new gearbox ratios.

The car's dashboard is equipped with a gearshift indicator that allows the driver to optimize its fuel consumption and lower its emissions - potentially making it possible to take the Logan below its 97 g/km rating. The Logan is just the latest to join Renault's established line of eco² vehicles - whose models can be found in 40% of its range.

Via ::Green Car Congress: Renault Introduces B30 Logan eco2 Concept; Headed for Challenge Bibendum (blog)

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Image courtesy of Hubert Vincent

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