Renault Unveils DeZir 100% Electric Concept Supercar

renault dezir electric car photo

Photo: Renault

Zero to 60 in About 5 Seconds

Concept cars can be annoying. The bad ones are a waste of time, and the good ones don't always go into production, which is frustrating. But they're still useful because they show us what engineers and designers are working on, and they give us clues about the future direction of car companies. This is why Renault's DeZir electric concept car is interesting (DeZir is close to the French "désir", which translates to "desire"), especially when taken along with Renault's more practical Fluence Z.E. electric car. Read on for more details and photos.

renault dezir electric car photo

Photo: Renault

Under the Hood

Not too surprisingly, the DeZir has a 24kWh battery pack just like the Nissan LEAF (Renault and Nissan are part of an alliance and share a lot of technology) and the driving range is also 100 miles, at least on paper. The body is made from Kevlar, with a tubular steel frame underneath.

renault dezir electric car photo

Photo: Renault

Renault writes: "The basic motor is the same as the unit used for Renault's production electric cars, although an evolution has enabled its power and torque to be uprated to 110kW (150ch) and 226Nm respectively." This, along with a low drag coefficient (Cd) of 0.25 and the car's low weight, allows the DeZir to go from zero to 62 MPH in about 5 seconds.

renault dezir electric car photo

Photo: Renault

There are three ways to recharge the battery:

* A standard charge using a conventional household plug (fully charges the battery in eight hours)
* A fast charge using a 400V three-phase current (charges the battery to 80 per cent of its capacity in 20 minutes)
* A fast battery exchange thanks to Renault's Quick Drop technology

Here's the spec sheet:

Dimensions - mm

Length 4,225

Width 1,986

Height 1,163

Height - with doors open 2,256

Width - with doors open 2,682

Ground clearance 110

Wheelbase 2,582

Front track 1,600

Rear track 1,705

Technical data
Motor Electric synchronous motor
Maximum power 110kW c/ 150hp
Maximum torque 226Nm
Top speed 112mph
0-62mph 5 seconds
Battery Lithium-ion (24 kW/h)
Range 100 miles
Transmission Rear wheel drive
Drive Electric with active differential
Chassis Tubular steel frame
Tyres 245/35 R 21
Brakes 356mm ventilated discs
Cd 0.25
Kerb weight 830kg

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Via Renault

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