Renault Introduces the New eco² Product Line


The new eco² product line from Renault sets some laudably high standards for the company's already appropriately-sized cars. This new "appellation" (as the press release poetically puts it) pins three main criteria on cars in the eco² line: 1) the car must be manufactured in an ISO 1400-certified factory, 2) The car's CO2 emissions can't exceed 140 grams per kilometer if it runs on gasoline, or it must be able to run on E85 or B30 (30% biodiesel), 3) At least 5% of the plastics used in manufacturing must be from recycled sources. Renault's program is specifically focused on carbon dioxide emissions and the impacts on climate change, which is somewhat heartening, considering the company has ambitions to sell cars to the developing world for around $3000 USD. It is also encouraging to see Renault putting an emphasis on B30, a slight upping of the typical B20 blend that we often have to settle for in the States. Pictured above is the Renault Clio Rip Curl, a youth-oriented model with a 1.2 Liter, ethanol-capable motor. ::via Autoblog Green