A Remote-Controlled Mini Mini Picks Up the Javelins at the Olympic Stadium

remote controlledDaniel Langer/CC BY 2.0

Just what we all need: a remote-controlled mini Mini to pick up all the stuff left on the floor. Olympic stadium floor that is.

This adorable little mini Mini Cooper car is about a quarter of the size of a regular Mini. It is set off in the stadium to go and fetch the javelins, hammers and discuses that are left after each field event.

The little cars are quick and help to speed up the intervals between competitions.

remote controlledDaniel Langer/CC BY 2.0

The three blue and red cars each carry up to 17.6 lbs and use batteries that can support 35 minutes of continuous use, a radio control range of over 300 feet, and can be recharged in 80 minutes.

It's a hard job but someone has to do it. In this case it's a 16 year old volunteer who only had 15 minutes of training. As he explains "The controls are just forward and backwards, left and right...I've not had any mishaps yet, though someone else did run his Mini into an official. They didn't seem to mind too much."

BMW is a sponsor of the Games and is supplying a fleet of cars. This includes 20 BMW 5-Series ActiveHybrids, 160 1-Series Active E models and 40 electric Minis and 400 Cruise bicycles.

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