Recycler: Make Your Move -- With A Bike Trailer

Here in the northern hemisphere, summer is in full swing. And that means barbecue, trips to the park, long bike rides, and ... moving tons of junk. It's true; For some reason, summer is synonymous with moving into new apartments, filling in some empty space with new furniture, or helping a friend haul in some bark ships for the garden. So, since it's so nice outside, why not take advantage of it, and haul your load in one of these great bike extensions which Treehugger has covered over the years...First off, for those smaller loads, try the Xtracycle on for size. This circa $200 bike extension will haul up to 300 pounds of your stuff without making you're bike feel unbalanced. Though, with only a small flatbed area on either side of the wheel, you're better off leaving the tables and chairs to something else.

For slightly more bulky loads, Burly Bike Trailers or Evolution Bike Trailers are a great bet. These hefty haulers are two wheeled, and built like pickup trucks so hauling everything from groceries to tables is easily in your power. Prices are around $200 for both manufacturers.

If you've got something really huge that needs hauling, and you can justify a significantly larger expense, check out the trailers used by the Pedal People waste removal service. These gigantic aluminum trailers by Bikes At Work can haul 80 gallons of your stuff packed in standard plastic storage tubs. With all the power comes a little more price -- trailers range from 345 to 470 depending on length and carrying capacity.

Next time you're looking to haul something, why not try moving it under your own power on a bike trailer. The least it will do is force you to get outside, which at this time of year, isn't something to complain about.