Recycled-Grease Biodiesel in the United Arab Emirates

via internet science tech

From developing Masdar, a much talked about clean-energy city, to lesser initiatives like solar-powered public bathrooms, the United Arab Emirates has made some not-insignificant strides to move into a clean energy future. The BBC reports that one company in Dubai is exploring that oh-so-hippy aspect of clean energy—creating biodiesel from used vegetable oil sourced from McDonald's restaurants. Because of the UAE's warm climate, there are significant advantages compared to waste grease biodiesel in colder countries—but the grease fuel must compete with heavily subsidized fossil fuels for a share of the market:

"It is challenging but that means we have to be even more efficient and even more competitive," Mr Feilder says. "The great thing is McDonald's oil is so predictable in terms of high quality and quantity that it makes our job of making biodiesel easier. That helps make us a profitable business."

Selling the fuel to a public used to cheap gasoline may prove problematic, but McDonalds seems to be doing its part on the demand side, as well as supply. It has committed all 22 of its delivery vehicles in the country to run on the waste grease biodiesel.

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