Recycle a Prius


MAKE blog have a post about buying a wrecked Prius and taking the drive train to use in some other hacked creation. If you have a car lying around which you think would make a great hybrid, and a whole lot more mechanical expertise than I do, then this could make an amazing weekend project. Of course, by weekend, I mean every weekend for the rest of your natural life.
It looks as though there is some confusion about the link they are pointing to, "Update: "Fety" in the comments says that the site is selling "access" to listings for $15 (and is unhappy about that) - our post was pointing out that dead Priuses exist and could be used for projects, we do not endorse or have anything to do with the site(s) besides thinking that dead Priuses are interesting."

I'm sure that a visit to your local scrap dealer would turn up a few dead Prius carcasses for you to tinker with. It seems fitting that such a green car would be recycled in such an interesting way. If you try something like this then please let us know, we'd love to hear from you. ::Make