Real Geeks - the Next Wave of Bike Commuters?

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Hard to know exactly what a geek is these days, but if the video above is any indication, Carlos Urreta (and his sidekick Joe Philipson) are definitely candidates. They've founded Real Geeks Ride, and they are planning to pedal 3,000 miles across the U.S. (in May, when at least the weather may be pretty mild) because they say they believe that they can convince 1,000 people just like them to start commuting to work by bike.Now, starting a crusade by going on a three-month bike trip is maybe a little crazy. But if Ryan Bowen could do it to make a point about biking for Obama's Inauguration, then Urreta and Philipson can do it to get 1,000 converts to bike commuting.

The two consider themselves as 'transitioning' from car-based commuting to bike-based commuting, which is a great way to think about it. Joe is a professional photographer living in Hawaii; Carlos is currently working and learning about bikes at Tsunami Cycles in Austin, Texas. Instead of imagining you have to go cold turkey, bike commuting can be something you ease into, slowly getting the gear and building up the stamina to be a 'bike commuting geek'. Urreta and Philipson want to document the challenges that remain with being bike commuters.

Geeks like social networks
Urreta and Philipson say they are targeting geeks, by which they mean, guys like them, because they say their ride is going to be documented on the type of social media geeks like best - twitter, britekite and the mobile GPS application Where. Thus far, they haven't even chosen the exact bikes they will use on their long ride - Trek or Cannondale touring bikes with panniers are the current plan. Via: Wend
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