Quote of the Day: George Monbiot on Handouts Resprayed Green


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In the UK and Canada, manufacturers are urging the government to give consumers money to get old cars off the road and into newer, lower emission vehicles and "catalyse a new low carbon transport revolution." George Monbiot calls it "bunkum" and worse. The whole thing is worth reading, but his conclusion is damning:

Every pound we spend on driving is a pound withheld from the alternatives, many of which (such as buses and trains) employ far more people for the same amount of money.

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This leaves only the value of preserving the industry for its own sake. It is hard to think of a less deserving cause. The motor companies have repeatedly failed to anticipate trends in demand. They have carried on producing thunderous gas guzzlers long after the market collapsed. Every so often the bosses wring their hands about jobs, put out the begging bowl, get the money, then shaft their workers anyway. Like the bankers, they have wrecked their own industry. And like the bankers, they want the rest of us to pay.

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