Quote of the Day: Carlos Ghosn on Zero-Emission Vehicles

Carlos Ghosn photo

Here is Carlos Ghosn, the celebrity CEO of Renault and Nissan:

"Nothing can stop the car being the most coveted product that comes with development, and more efficient conventional engines are not the answer. We must have zero-emission vehicles. Nothing else will prevent the world from exploding."

Global Exploding? That has a nice ring to it. Hyperbole aside, congrats to Mr. Ghosn for his commitment to have Renault and Nissan "invest massively" into developing and commercializing parallel hybrid (like the Prius), series hybrid (like the Volt), and full-electric drivetrains. Ghosn says that his preference is with the latter, as is ours. ::Renault-Nissan's ambitious plans for all-electric cars

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