Quote of the Day: Bob Lutz on What Could Kill The Volt


Tyler Hamilton at Clean Break reminds us of what Bob Lutz said a month ago when I asked him if a recession could kill the Volt, much of which seems to be coming to pass a lot more quickly than anyone might have anticipated:

"Let us say that over the next 18 months the world goes into a major recession, car sales and fuel use drop dramatically, the steel companies produce less steel and therefore use less energy, China finds it main export markets drying up, so they are into a contraction and use less steel and aluminum and plastic. And at the same time Canadian tar sands come onstream, and coal-to-liquids come onstream. All of a sudden there is a reduction in primary demand in petroleum plus all these additional new supply sources… And the oil barrel drops to $25 a barrel and we’re looking at gas pump prices at $1.25 a gallon. I personally don’t think that’s going to happen, but that would be a dramatic event for the Volt because everybody would say, ‘Ha!, why should I bother?’"

Quote of the Day: Bob Lutz on What Could Kill The Volt
"Let us say that over the

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