Quote of the Day: David Mirvish on Urban Congestion and Driving Downtown

David Mirvish© David Mirvish/ University of Guelph

Theatre impressario David Mirvish has two halls on Toronto's King Street, with streetcars right in front. But he looks at things differently than Toronto's mayor, who hates them. He is interviewed by Anthony Jenkins in the Globe and Mail on the subject of driving:

How would you classify Toronto traffic?

It’s wonderful!

Many would disagree with you.

I love the traffic here. If you don’t want traffic, you drive in the country.

If there is traffic, it means there are people around and, if there are a lot of people, it means you are in a city and, if you are in a city, it means there are lots of ideas flying – people to go to the theatre, people to do things, people eating in restaurants and, therefore, there are nice theatres and nice restaurants and great museums. You don’t get that if you don’t have people.

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