Public Transit: Buenos Aires Could Welcome Metrobus System next May

Metrobus Rapid Transit System for Buenos Aires

Bus rapid transit systems have probed to be great in places like Curitiba and Mexico city. Their main differences with buses are that they have exclusive lanes, fewer stops and tickets are bought outside the bus, which makes the passengers entrance to the vehicle faster.

The idea for Buenos Aires is to start with a pilot proof with exclusive lanes for two buses over the Juan B Justo Avenue, informed La Politica Online.

Then, over the same street, the government plans to build platforms for passengers, like the Metrobus stops in Curitiba, and bring bigger articulated buses from Brazil that can transport over 100 people. The line would connect Palermo neighborhood with Liniers and building is supposed to start in January.

Jaime Lerner's Influence on Buenos Aires

Last July, environmental 'hero' and former Curitiba mayor and Parana governor, Jaime Lerner, was in Buenos Aires for a conference on mobility inside cities.

Jaime Lerner (left) during his visit to Buenos Aires, sitting next to mayor Mauricio Macri (Photo: Buenos Aires Government).

According to La Politica Online, during his stay Lerner spoke to Buenos Aires mayor Mauricio Macri and told him his plans for huge infrastructure plans were good, but that he needed to focus on easier and faster improvements in the city to make people's lives better.

The mentioned source says after this conversation happened, over 50 smaller projects for things like open spaces and parks were put to tender. One of them is a big park to bring back to life the southern area of Buenos Aires.

The Metrobus project is, unsurprisingly, on the same line. After not being able to carry on with the subway-expansion gigantic plan, the government went above the ground to try to organize things before the public's eyes. Could we see more of Curitiba in Buenos Aires? We certainly hope so.

:: Via La Politica Online
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