Providence Police Department Testing Vectrix Scooters

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Providence Police Test Electric Scooter
Last month four police officers in Providence, Rhode Island began a "a three-month trial of the all-electric Vectrix Maxi scooter" which has a range of 60 miles, a 3-5 hour charge time, and a top speed of just over 60 miles per hour. Vectrix is providing the scooters for free, and the city is very interested in their ability to reduce air and noise pollution. According to the Providence Police Department, the scooters will be used to enhance foot and bicycle patrols, giving officers enhanced mobility without sacrificing their ability to engage with people. Providence " is the third city in the United States to host a pilot program featuring the battery-powered vehicles," (Sacramento was the first) although UK police have also been testing the scooter. The hope is that, combined with the foot and bicycle patrols, the Police Department will be able to save money on fuel costs, lower emissions and enhance its ability to patrol the city.Electric Scooters Are Great in Certain Situations
I've seen several officers on the electric scooters, and it's a pleasant surprise to walk past them and not hear and smell the rumbling of a 400cc engine. Although the range of the scooters is limited, they are being used in situations where officers are primarily stationed in one spot, but still need the ability to move quickly. Ordinarily, they would sit on their bikes, with the engine on, wasting fuel and making noise. So while the Vectrix Scooter won't work for all policing duties, there are some situations where they are ideal, and the low cost of electricity relative to gas certainly sweetens the deal.

Via: ::Providence Business News
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