Prototype: Honda Hybrid Scooter

Honda's been on fire with their prototypes lately. Except it's been a bright green, ultra low emissions fire. Their scooters should be particularly interesting to those excited about fuel-efficient personal transport. Their recent all-electric city scooter was really cute, and this hybrid is even better. But of course, that's what you'd expect from the country that brought us Akira...Honda's latest effort is the Numo hybrid scooter. With an internal combustion engine, and electric motor, it gets 60% more fuel efficiency than the comparably sized Dio scooter and adds only 10 kg of extra bulk. As in most hybrids, the engine is used when cruising, while the electric motor assist gives low emission starts, and regenerative breaking. There are no plans for commercialization of this model yet, but things are looking better and better for that dream of ours to command a green-scooter army. We can only hope. :: Honda Numo Scooter [by DM]