Proposed New York Taxis " Dull. Boxy. Lacking in Imagination."

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Design writer Allison Arieff looks at the three finalists for the Taxi of Tomorrow for New York City and is not impressed. She writes in the New York Times:

The bar wasn't set all that high: the Taxi of Tomorrow was meant to be "safe, fuel-efficient, accessible, durable, and comfortable." A look at the three finalists announced in November 2010 confirms they are perhaps all of those things. They are also, well, dull. Boxy. Lacking in imagination.

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Mike trashed the Ford taxi here: Transit Connect Taxi: Nice try Ford, but you Fail Miserably

Allison wants to imagine something better.

Imagine if, in turn, the yellow spots monopolizing New York's streets could help transform the urban landscape, perhaps by being smaller and more streamlined, having less environmental impact, or providing more comfort, convenience and aesthetics to passengers. What if the "tomorrow" part manifested itself not just in the object (the car) but in new initiatives inspired by the broad national movement toward collaborative consumption, like a taxi-sharing app that could help facilitate carpooling from J.F.K. into the city?

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She consulted with inventor, artist and visionary Steven M. Johnson, who came up with ideas that were "pragmatic, some dystopic, others clearly silly. We winnowed it down to nine, tongues firmly in our cheeks." They did a terrific slideshow of taxi ideas, and it is true, some are very silly. More in New York Times
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