Promoting Train Travel In Japan

japan rail 50 years old tickets campaign photo

Photo: JR East

We noted previously that PR campaigns to make trains fun, sexy, and romantic include posters and TV commercials here in Japan, with well-known actors and actresses at scenic locations. For people over 50, Japan Rail makes a special effort:

japan rail otona pr aomori image

Their campaign plays on traditional themes, making you long for that special place you once visited, a long, long time ago... And the emphasis is on "things to do" while also reminding people how safe and environmentally friendly a train trip can be. In pristine Akita prefecture, for example, you can go fly-fishing!

japan rail otona pr image

These photos are from a TV commercial for trains to Matsushima, where you can watch the full moon at a special spot. Other CMs include trips to historical temples and shrines, with a focus on relaxation and peace of mind - as a reward perhaps after reaching retirement age, when you have time to make a long, pleasant journey.

More images on the JR East website.

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