Promoting Public Transit: I Heart This Subway Map!

zeroperzero new york image

Image: New York Subway Map by Zero Per Zero

We like talking about promoting public transit here on Treehugger and at Planet Green, noting that cities and countries that get it right can create a very positive image that in turn steers more people towards leaving their car at home. So, I was happy to see Zero Per Zero, a Seoul-based design team, re-thinking railmaps and subway maps. Using bright colours and a big dose of humour, Kim Ji-Kwan and Jin Sol from Hongik University are now in Tokyo to display their work.UPDATE: Our friends at Huffington Post found some other cool subway maps worth checking out.

The maps come in a small folder with stickers for marking favorite spots, restaurants, appointments, hotel locations, and major attractions. When traveling, the folder can also be used to jot down notes and to hold transit passes, tickets, and more. Made of paper.

zeroperzero manhattan image

Photo: Zero Per Zero Manhattan (detail)

The NYC subway map was inspired by the heart shape from the classic 1977 Milton Glaser logo. Five boroughs of the city including Manhattan and the subway map, as well as landmarks, are laid out in the shape of a big heart. Lovely!

zeroperzero design tokyo photo

Photo: Zero Per Zero at 100% Design Tokyo

They say they are mainly specialized in the field of graphic, information design as well as illustration, and produce various graphic products including City Railway Systems:

We like to make the world an exciting, new, and happy place with our designs, which are concentrated on graphics.

zeroperzero seoul photo

Photo: Zero Per Zero Seoul subway map (detail)
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