Project Transit: Restoring the Romance of Public Transportation

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Project Transit is a newly launched website that aims to upgrade the general conception of public transportation through art and dialogue. Needless to say, it's a daunting challenge—many people, especially those who don't live in major public transit-friendly metropolises like New York or Chicago, still perceive taking a subway or a bus as unseemly.

With a little love, and a lot of artistic inspiration, (and long-term ever-rising gas prices) Project Transit hopes to change that.
Just having launched, the ultimate direction of the site is still a little unclear (the next phase is due in Feb). What it does offer at the moment is already promising: there are downloadable subway postcards for four different cities, each which highlights shopping destinations along the various lines. Their goal is to emphasize the unique opportunities that taking public transit holds, and outline enjoyable ways to take advantage of them.

There's also a forum section where users can share thoughts, ideas, and experiences they've had relating to public transit. Users can also upload art and photos to share with the community.

It's a fine idea—and taking public transit does have an air of romanticism about it that's been sullied over the years. Why does taking a train across the French countryside to Paris seem so romantic, but riding the J train into Manhattan seems vulgar? Both offer amazing views, an intimate proximity with other people, and a unique opportunity for reflection-on-the-go. Public transit surely needs a facelift in the collective American consciousness. Maybe Project Transit can help kick start the procedure.

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