Prius Sales Were Up 52% Last Month, Thanks to Higher Gas Prices

2010 toyota prius hybrid car photo

Toyota is aiming for a record number of Prius hybrids sold in 2012, and so far they're on the right track. In February, "Prius sales, including the v wagon, were up 52 percent to 20,589, the highest in almost four years. The total for all Toyota and Lexus hybrids climbed 60 percent." The current target for the year is apparently 220,000, which seems within reach if relatively high gas prices continue (what Americans think of as "high gas prices" would seem like a bargain in most of the rest of the world, but that's another story).

Toyota Prius CToyota/Promo image

The smaller Prius C, pictured above, could also help hybrid sales go through the roof. At around $19,000 it is Toyota's most affordable hybrid, and with a fuel economy rating of 53 MPG city/46 MPG highway/50 MPG combined, it will be attractive to many commuters (though I would recommend they take transit or bike to work for even more savings and health benefits!).

Via Bloomberg

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