Prius Most Popular Car in Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley has more than it's fair share of brains, which is probably why the Prius is now the best selling car in the area. 1,627 were bought and registered in May alone. Rod Diridon, executive director of the Mineta Transportation Institute at San Jose State University, said, "Are we ahead of the curve, or what? The intellectual capacity within Silicon Valley is amazing. That higher level of education reflects a higher level of understanding of the terrible consequences of global warming."

The increase in availability has also helped. Waiting lists are all but gone, and Toyota are producing far more of the model than they previously were. However, the Prius only represents one percent of car sales in the US, so there is still plenty of room for growth.Diridon has owned a Prius himslf for five years, so finds it easy to see the appeal of the vehicle, "I love it. It's quick, spacious. It takes four people comfortably and can carry a couple of sets of golf clubs or luggage. I get over 40 mpg, and I'm heavy-footed."

The news comes at a bad time for the motoring industry, but a good one for the environment, as national car sales figures are down 1.5% on the previous year. ::San Jose Mercury News via ::Valleywag