Prince Charles Runs His Aston Martin on White Wine

Chuck driving aston martin photo

I never heard that English white wine was good for much, but it is good enough for Prince Charles to show off his environmental credentials again- he powers his 38-year-old Aston Martin with it. The fuel comes from Greenfuels in Gloucestershire, and is made from cheese and surplus white wine from a vineyard in Wiltshire. The car was a 21st birthday gift from mum. ::First Post

UPDATE: The Guardian explains how. "When Aston Martin heard that Prince Charles wanted to run his DB5 run-around on bioethanol, they contacted Gloucester-based Green Fuels for help. The company bought in 8,000 litres of surplus white wine from a nearby vineyard - for a mere 1p a litre - and ran it through their distillery. Understandably, the vineyard's owner is keeping his head down, for fear of mobs in search of free plonk.

By boiling off the wine's 11% alcohol, condensing it and removing any remaining water, Green Fuels ended up with hundreds of litres of 99.8% pure ethanol, which they topped up with alcohol extracted from fermented whey collected from local cheesemakers. A tune of the Aston's carburettors to allow more fuel into the engine, and it was ready to go, on a mix of 85% ethanol and 15% petrol." ::The Guardian

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