Power of One (Xof1) Solar Car Breaks World Distance Record

More Than 12,000 Miles Powered by the Sun!
Jacob wrote about the Power of One solar car back in 2006. At the time, Marcelo da Luz, the driving force of this project, was finishing the construction of the solar car with help from a "pieced-together team of engineers, students, scientists and sponsors". Today, we're happy to learn that all went well - better than expected in fact - and the Power of One solar car (Xof1) has set a new world record for solar cars. Read on for more details.

Total distance traveled: More than 12,000 miles. Green Car Congress writes:

The Power of One journey symbolically began 12 June 2008 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at Seneca College—one of the project’s greatest supporters. The actual drive began in Buffalo, NY. The original plan was to drive the solar car from Buffalo, NY to Inuvik, NT and back to Buffalo, NY. However, according to the project website, communities in Alaska and Washington invited the solar car to visit them and so it did.

In its journey to Los Angeles, it crossed the continental divide 8 times, traveled more than 1,200 miles on gravel roads, took on snow, ice, and the low angle of the Northern hemisphere during the wettest summer of the past 30 years.

Amazing achievement! Kudos to Marcelo and everybody involved in the project (including the sponsors - you can become a sponsor too if you want).

Technical Specifications of Power of One Solar Car
The specs of the car can be found here. Some highlights:

Vehicle mass: ±300 KG
Battery: EP Kokam, Li-Ion Polymer, each cell 3.7V-40Ah (27 cells) = 3.996Kwh
Motor: Brushless DC, 84-108V, 20kg, NGM Corporation
Solar Cells: Mono-crystalline, 15%, 893, SolarWorld
Total solar array area: 7.144sq m
Maximum solar array output: ±900 Watts
Max speed: 120 kph / 75 mph

Via Xof1, Green Car Congress, Autobloggreen
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