Portland Youth Gets Schooled on Biodiesel


TreeHugger has seen youngsters do some pretty amazing stuff when it comes to cars and transportation. "Hot Rod" Brent Singleton built a gas/electric hybrid '32 Ford and has been busy racing Jaws Jr., his electric dragsters, both on the track and across Utah ‘s Bonneville Salt Flats. Not to be outdone, the West Philadelphia High School Electric Vehicle Team built a biodiesel/electric "performance" hybrid that has over 300 hp and does 0 to 60 in under 4 seconds (see it again here). Now, a 12 year-old in Portland, Oregon is looking to break into this exclusive club with a plan he hopes to take to the bank: converting old Toyota Land Cruisers to run on biodiesel and then selling them to earn money for college. Young Forest Endicott, whose father, Shane, is the co-founder of Portland's ReBuilding Center, has dreams of continuing his schooling at Reed College, a Portland-area private school with a hefty price tag of around $44,000 per year. Worried that the family wouldn't be able to afford it, Shane offered to match whatever Forest could raise, and the youngster hatched a plan to not just make a few bucks, but "to do something that could do some good." So, he's tracking down the old, nearly bulletproof Land Cruisers and fitting them with new fuel lines and other accoutrements required to help the old cars go with the new fuel. Though he has yet to make his first sale, we admire his ingenuity and ambition to go beyond a paper route for his education. ::Oregonian via ::Wired

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