Portland Wants to Lap San Francisco in Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Race

EV Charging Station Unveiled in Portland from Mayor Sam Adams on Vimeo

Yesterday San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom was given a bully pulpit in Gas 2.0 to tout the measures his city is making to bring electric vehicles to the mainstream. Today, Portland, Oregon Mayor Sam Adams was given his turn:

I firmly believe that sustainability is a key to economic prosperity. In fact, I’ve made sustainability the centerpiece of my city’s economic development strategy. And few opportunities blend economy and sustainability like the electric vehicle does. [...]

Which is why today, I am joining with colleagues from across the region and private industry in unveiling our newest charging station in downtown Portland. And, we’re unrolling an electric vehicle strategy to make sure that Portland is working side by side with our neighboring cities, counties and private partners to bring an integrated solution to EV developers, owners and enthusiasts. And my colleagues and I on City Council just passed a resolution this morning supporting all efforts to grow Portland’s EV industry and position our city, our region, as the nation’s hub for yet one more industry of sustainability.

I respect San Francisco’s commitment to being the EV leader. And I’m sure that EV’s make a lot of sense in the noise and congestion of bumper-to-bumper bay area traffic. But when you’re driving through the forests of Oregon on your way to a parking spot in downtown Portland, sometimes all you want to hear is the sound of silence.

Hawaii, What Say You?
This semi-contrived back and forth between Portland and San Francisco is all fine and good, but I wonder when Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle will get off the sidelines and point out that Hawaii may well be the first with electric vehicle charging stations across the entire state? There may be more people in the Bay Area alone than in all of Hawaii, but still...

via: Gas 2.0
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