Porsche to make a hybrid

According to the Detroit News, Porsche will make a hybrid version of its Cayenne SUV in 2008/2009. One reason behind this decision is certainly the rising oil prices which must have played a part in the 27% decrease in sales for 2005 so far. It is very doubtful that a Porsche SUV, even if hybrid, would be of much interest to a treehugger, but it is nonetheless a significant vehicle...The Porsche hybrid SUV itself probably won't have much impact on the environment, as it's a fairly low-volume unit (I'd rather see a fuel-efficient F150 pickup), but it is another step forward in the mainstreaming of hybrid technology, and Porsche's strong brand could have a halo effect on what we could call the "hybrid brand". It's not just for treehuggers anymore, I can hear them say. Look, even Lexus and Porsche are making them.

Most people can't afford a Porsche or Lexus, but if it gets people dreaming about hybrids instead of 5.3 liters Hemi engines and double-turbos, that's progress! Next step, a Porsche bicycle!

::Porsche planning a hybrid version of its SUV, via ::Autoblog

[by MGR]