Porsche Threatens Suit Agains 'Polluter Pays' Congestion Tax Hike


The Guardian reports that car-maker Porsche is in a snit and threatening a suit against a London mayor over a proposed law to boost the congestion tax for polluting vehicles each time they drive into London.

Porsche said the new levy of 25 pounds (U.S. $48.76) up from 8 pounds is "unfair and disproportionate" - but from a TreeHugger standpoint, what a great way to get car manufacturers to move faster, a lot faster, on introduction of low or no-CO2 emitting vehicles. Porsche said the new tax will do very little to lower CO2 emissions, and London Mayor Ken Livingstone agreed the measure would lead to only a "modest" reduction, but would provide 30 to 50 million pounds for environmentally friendly transport schemes such as walking and biking. Livingstone is facing a re-election campaign soon, and one of his conservative opponents said the hike turns the congestion tax into a CO2 tax - which seems exactly appropriate if we want to tax 'bads' instead of 'goods' in pursuit of a sustainable world.

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