Porsche Planning Hybrid and Flex-Fuel Versions of Cayenne

porsche cayenne

After first reporting that Porsche was planning on developing a hybrid version of its Cayenne SUV two years ago, we now have official confirmation from the German auto company that it will be unveiling the new model — on which it collaborated with Audi and Volkswagen — in 2009. Its average fuel consumption is expected to lie around 26.4 mpg (8.9 L/100 km). By comparison, the original Cayenne's fuel consumption with a conventional six-cylinder engine is 18.2 mpg (12.9 L/100 km)

The new fuel consumption figure is 31% lower than the target the company originally announced in 2005. Citing consumer concerns about global warming and the eco-friendliness of its cars, Porsche made the following statement: "In particular, a premium carmaker such as Porsche must offer competitive drivetrain solutions with low consumption- and emission levels." In addition to the hybrid model, Porsche is also planning on rolling out a full flex-fuel version within the next few years. According to the company, the current Cayenne can already be driven on ethanol blends of up to 25%. Its next objective is incorporating the hybrid technology into its planned four-door sporting model, the Panamera.

While we commend Porsche for finally bowing to reality and upping its gas-guzzling cars' fuel consumption, the fact remains that even at 26.4 mpg the new Cayenne's fuel consumption is fairly low compared to current and planned hybrids. There are better options out there for those not enthralled with the Porsche name-brand.

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