Poll Shows The Pickens Publicity Plan Is Working

Think of it this way. If someone who hasn't heard of hybrids, plug-in hybrids, or pure electric cars (or at leasn't isn't aware of the latest developments in those fields) suddenly starts hearing that we can use natural gas from the U.S., which is cheaper and cleaner burning than gasoline, to power our cars, then why wouldn't they support it? We know that the plan has many flaws, including the fact that natural gas will soon start peaking, and that "running a car on natural gas doesn’t significantly reduce GHG gas emissions," but obviously the ads don't mention those things. As a result, they are quite effective.

The big takeaway here, however, should be that at a time when people are looking to alternatives to gasoline, there is room to influence public opinion. At present, the loudest voices are shouting "drill baby, drill" and are calling for natural gas, but that doesn't preclude other voices from having a say--it only makes it more difficult. Here are a few more interesting stats from the Rasmussen poll:

"Fifty percent (50%) of Americans say they have followed news stories about the Pickens Plan at least somewhat closely."

"Forty-eight percent (48%) have a favorable opinion of Pickens while only 20% regard him unfavorably. But nearly one-out-of-three (32%) don't have an opinion of him. "

"Republicans (77%) have more faith in the private sector than Democrats (40%). Sixty-two percent (62%) of investors expect energy solutions from private companies, compared to 45% of non-investors."

Via: RasmussenReports
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