Pocket $300 To Share Your Car

get around peer to peer car sharing in portlandGet Around/Screen capture

Yes, you can rent a Tesla from your peers in Portland, for just $75 an hour.

Peer to peer car sharing arrived in Portland a few months ago, and local car owners have been experimenting with renting out their vehicles to neighbors and fellow citizens.

Now, the Getaround service has received a federal grant to study people's car sharing behaviors, and can offer car owners in Portland $300 to put their cars in the pool and tell of their experiences.

To get the incentive, car owners have to have a "carkit" installed in their car so that renters can access the car via their smart phones. Getaround car owners get to set the price per hour they receive for renting.

Peer to peer car sharing is also running through a Getaround trial in the cities of San Francisco and San Diego. Portland has signed up about 100 people thus far to the service.

Patty Fink is an early adopter, and has been renting out her car for a couple of months, though she's only agreed to a few rentals, which are currently negotiated by phone and key exchange. Fink says most days her car just sits around, and she likes the idea of other people being able to use the resource.

"I so like the idea of having cars as a tool or resource rather than as a possession," she said. "I was hoping it will become more of a neighborhood car."

Fink says peer to peer sharing's biggest challenge is to get a lot more cars signed up - not just personal cars, she said, but fleets of cars that sit around and are rarely used.

Other peer to peer sharing car networks are in the works, including Wheelz at Stanford University and RelayRides.

Pocket $300 To Share Your Car
Portland changed its laws to allow people to share cars. Now the new service is giving car owners 300 bucks to share the sharing expeerience.

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