Plug-In Partners National Campaign


We've seen plug-in electric vehicles (PHEVs) on the horizon for awhile now; we've written up their anatomy, conducted interviews, and even covered them on TreeHuggerTV, but to no avail. They still aren't commercially available, leaving us to drool over prototypes, chase after-market conversions and wait for 100+ mpg. Plug-In Partners aims to change that with a national campaign and petition, with the hopes that enough e-signatures will more quickly inspire and mobilize automakers to make PHEVs a commercially-available auto option. The campaign is backed by a wide variety of organizations, businesses, utilities and municipalities, from ABC Pest and Lawn Services in Texas to Wisconsin Public Power Inc. Sign the petition and declare your support for lower gas prices, decreased greenhouse gas emissions and less dependence on foreign oil with cars that plug in. ::Plug-In Partners